Pixelangelo R&R for investors and NFT buyers.

Year 2024 Update for CC holders & NFT buyers.

Previous reward mechanism (% per mint) is now replaced with monthly payout function, to make things more simple and efficient.

Each art sale now will give extra reward royalty to TOP 10 CC holders based on their holding size:

SOLD art generates 20% income to a VICTORY POOL, from which, at the end of each month, I will calculate the % of each TOP 10 CC investor, based on their CC holdings. Positions are always locked on last week of month. Victory Pool distribution is the last day of the month.

We will see if CCv2 (Focus) will bring better solution.

From 2024 General royalty to split among all CC holders is set 2% per NFT and Creator royalty 5%.


User holding original P.O.P card still gets amazing 5% minted royalty to POP Punk sale and 5-10% for POPGIFS representing their character. And also 2% for POPWORLD NFTs when holder's character is presented in the art NFT.

NFTs can come with perk(s) that buyer is reguired to look after and remind artist if needed.

Feedback at one@pixelangelo.org