DESO's first NFT league where artists compete for the title of champion. An emerging format with a plan to be held every year on the Decentralized Social Blockhain.

A project from a process improver / improvizator of interactive formats.

🚀 Boosting NFT trades and Creator Coins, helping content creators and designers to gain more exposure by engaging users of Deso.

Absurdity and Apple Sauce

only available on DeSo.

PSYCOart is a multidisciplinary concept and a creative approach that brings art closer to explore its intersection through mental health.

The goal is to promote knowledge of psychology through the use of art as a tool for personal growth and social change. By creating a reflective and interpretive dialogue, PSYCOart seeks to foster a greater understanding of the power of psychology with art to transform lives and break the stigma surrounding mental health.

Art for personal growth and social change

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***BirthBlockNFT - Creating NFTs for every block, to commemorate user's birth on the blockchain featuring art from DESO accounts.

** Generativ -Gamification-focused NFT minting on DeSo

Prolific DeSo developer and Block Alchemist

🛠 Creating and upkeeping analytic tools for deso, including ; BirthBlockNFT - Whatsmy - Generativ *** . Featuring many useful functions for deso users to use.