Welcome for a decades long journey of an art, web culture and finance.

What began as an aimless exploration of a new digital space, offered a refreshing change from the chaotic world of internet social media, and which slowly has evolved into a massive transformative experience; After realizing the strong potential of a organic brand in a revolutionary platform that extends beyond the tools of traditional centralized social platforms and in time, pushes the boundaries of what technology can offer, I can confidently say, that I am in a marathon for a success.

A revolution in technology and culture is impending, and I, a non-coder, am also doing my best for riding the wave, being a part of it, shaping and inscribing it with a minimalistic touch of simplest form of pixels and creating community rewarding strategies for long run. It's a challenging journey, but I'm determined to seize this extraordinary opportunity by my relentless creation of pixels and bottomless pit of ideas waiting to be unleashed into future's media platforms.

It's more than Pixels


To establish a remarkable brand with a passionate community, I am driven to join the revolution that will redefine market dynamics. I am committed to safeguarding the rights to my creations, ensuring that I retain control and the ability to reward my early supporters in whatever way I deem appropriate, without the constraints of external limitations.


Craft eye-catching NFT collectibles that captivate the imaginations of users, fostering a loyal and engaged community. As this community flourishes, embark on a journey of continuous innovation, developing projects that enrich the Pixelangelo ecosystem. Envision Pixelangelo-infused games and captivating comic shows, fueled by the unwavering passion of Deso early adopters, the pioneers who have laid the foundation for this remarkable journey. In essence, ignite a surge of excitement within the underground before venturing into the mainstream, ultimately transforming these visions into tangible realities.

It's Revolution

The scale of Future success = Available Time x available Funding

My unwavering dedication to hard work and consistently delivering high-quality results is my greatest strength. I possess an unparalleled resilience that allows me to persevere through challenges, but I also face the constant need to balance my time commitments based on financial constraints. This often leads to working tirelessly but not always efficiently, resulting in minimal gains. I firmly believe that decades, not years, are the true measure of building a recognizable brand. Once a certain threshold is crossed, there's no turning back, and my long-term investors will undoubtedly appreciate the time granted me to grow and develop innovative methodologies.

with Bull market ahead

Become creator investor

Embarking on a Decade of Pixelangelo Excellence: Seek Investors to Fuel Artistic Growth

The Pixelangelo brand has been on an extraordinary journey since its inception, navigating the highs and lows of the creative process. Now, poised for a resilient and successful future, the time is ripe to inject a powerful boost into these tenacious roots.

To uphold the next decade of artistic creation, I am seeking seed investors who share my vision for excellence. These funds will enable me to optimize my work time, acquire essential tools, foster fruitful collaborations, and elevate the quality of my creations, including effective brand management and marketing strategies.

Investing in Pixelangelo is both straightforward and transparent. Simply create an account on Decentralized Social (www.deso.com) and acquire my Creator Coins, which serve as shares in my artistic endeavors. Alternatively, you can directly invest in my artwork by purchasing my NFTs. In return for your support, investors will receive royalties from my art sales and future Creator Coin deals, along with personalized attention to their needs, which may range from enhanced exposure to valuable connections within the art world.

My ultimate goal is to establish myself as one of the most prominent visual artists in the Blockchain Era of art, social, and finance. With enough support, I can transform this vision into reality. Together, we can elevate Pixelangelo to new heights, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving world of art.