A long journey of an art, web culture and finance to be combined through trustless decentralized chain, with pixels :)


To be a part establishing and testing revolution mechanics that will redefine a lot of digital creator market dynamics & be an active part of creating organically grown, strong basis community that will greatly contribute for creation of better future through advanced blockchain technology.


Craft NFT collectibles that captivate users through rewards and imagination, fostering a loyal and engaged community. As community flourishes and grows, a bigger journey of continuous innovation of Pixelangelo-infused games and captivating comic shows will spark! Fueled by the unwavering passion of Deso early adopters, the pioneers who have laid the foundation.

Bullish on DeSo

Creator of Value

I am looking a way to establish myself as one of the most prominent artists in the decentralized Blockchain Era of art, social, and finance.

While elevating the quality of my creations through years along with developing projects, I am sharing royalties to my investors from my art sales and Creator Coin trade in DESO.

HOW to get involved?

It's easy! Create an account one of the Decentralized Social nodes through (www.deso.com) and hop in the action! Find me there, or write me an old e-mail.

With enough support and long hours of work, I believe it's possible to transform this vision into reality :)

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The scale of Future success = Available Time x available Funding

My dedication is my greatest strength. "Where there's a will there's a way" mentality allows me to persevere through tough challenges and I firmly believe that decades, not years, is the true measure of building a recognizable brand. Once a certain threshold is crossed, there's no turning back.